Manufacturing Ultra High Purity Monomers through Research and Development.

Since our entry into the IOL materials market in 1998, Benz Research & Development has become the pre-eminent supplier of quality materials and state of art technology to the IOL industry. The reason for our strong growth is our dedication to excellence and our proven experience in producing high quality polymer blanks for the soft contact lens industry.

The reputation of Benz Research & Development as a manufacturer of very high quality contact lens materials is well know in the custom contact lens industry. In fact, we would probably be considered the quality benchmark even by our competitors. Benz materials are characterized by low residuals, precise and isotropic expansion, and large batch sizes. Benz R&D currently makes the highest purity, most consistent hydrophilic and hydrophobic IOL materials.


Benz IOL 25
Benz IOL 25 UVX
BenzFlex 26
Benz 10L 25 Natural Yellow
BenzFlex 26 Natural Yellow


Benz HF-1
Benz HF-1 Natural Yellow
Benz HF1.2 Universal Blank
Benz HF1.2 Natural Yellow Universal Blank
Benz HF1.2 UVX Universal Blank
Benz HF-2 Natural Yellow Universal Blank
Benz HF-2 UVX Universal Blank