Ultra Pure IOL Materials

High quality products start with high quality raw materials. For Benz Research & Development, this means starting with the highest quality monomer raw material possible and controlling the manufacturing process, resulting in ultra pure IOL materials. We have developed an advanced 2-HEMA manufacturing process that produces a 99.9% pure monomer. Our IOL polymer has 10 to 20 times less acidity than even the “highest purity” commercial monomer, resulting in zero ionicity. BRD’s zero ionicity IOL material

provides a further degree of assurance by eliminating the possibility of calcium phosphate particles appearing over time, necessary for a polymer implant that may be in the eye for more than 40 years. 50 Million IOL Blanks Sold, Zero Recalls.

Natural Yellow – Natural UV Protection

Benz Research and Development is the first and only company to incorporate the same UVA/violet light absorbing chromophore found in every human crystalline lens into its IOL materials. Our approach toprotecting the retina from harmful energetic light is to use nature’s own chromophore.

The absorption spectrum of 3-Hydroxykynurenine shows that the natural compound is an excellent UV-A absorber with a secondary purpose of filtering violet light. This compound and its beta Glucoside derivative are the primary protection for UV-A and violet light in the natural lens. We have made a special monomer (U.S. Patent 7,947,796) containing this naturally occurring chromophore and covalently incorporated it into our premier IOL materials.

Natural Yellow™ provides superior performance by protecting the retina without absorbing needed blue light. This natural chromophore gives the patient natural color perception and low light contrast sensitivity forimproved scotopic vision.

HF-2 – The Next Generation Hydrophobic IOL Material

HF-2 is a unique, moderately high refractive index hydrophobic acrylic polymer with many advantageous characteristics. A moderately high refractive index (1.515) combined with unique mechanical properties give HF-2 lenses a MICS capability across the entire diopter range. Chromatic aberration is also superior to other hydrophobic materials because HF-2 has an Abbe number of 47, the same as the human crystalline lens.HF-2 Natural Yellow gives the patient the same color transmission as a young human lens, therefore no color perception surprises after surgery. HF-2 lenses are convenient to use as well, because they do not need to be packed in water to achieve their extremely low glistening values. The convenience of a dry preloaded lens is yours with HF-2 material. The opening time of HF-2 at 25˚C is less than 10 seconds, allowing for fast and efficient surgeries. HF-2 is the next generation of hydrophobic IOL material.

HF-2 is available in Natural Yellow™ and UVX™ clear. UV Natural Yellow™ is our patented natural UV absorbing and violet light filtering chromophore covalently bonded to the polymer backbone. UVX™ is our Extreme Stability UV absorber (patent pending) that provides excellent UV-A protection in a clear IOL.

IOL25 – MICS Compatible Hydrophilic Acrylic

IOL 25 is a patented hydrophilic acrylic polymer, particularly well suited for micro injection. In fact, IOL 25 based lenses were the first to achieve widespread MICS compatibility. The raw material monomers used to produce IOL 25 are also produced by Benz Research and Development using a unique process that produces ultra pure monomer. Benz maintains complete control of its IOL material quality by producing its own monomers to its own ultra pure specifications. Raw material purity is essential for long term reliability of hydrophilic IOL materials. Polymer purity, consistency and reliability, these are the characteristics of Benz IOL Materials.

IOL 25 is available in Natural Yellow™, and clear UVX™. Natural Yellow™ is our patented natural UV-A absorbing and violet light filtering chromophore covalently bonded to the polymer backbone. UVX™ is our Extreme Stability clear UV absorber (patent pending) that provides excellent UV-A protection.

Universal Toric Blank – Lens Optics With Higher Resolving Power (MTF)

Benz Performance Optics provide complete high quality optical forms (asphericity, toricity, and others) to the posterior optic surface of the Universal Blank. Each blank is 100% inspected enabling IOL manufacturers to machine the anterior lens surface and haptic to their optical specification to complete their unique IOL optical system.

Both of our HF-2 and IOL 25 materials will be available in the Universal Blank design with five aspheric power ranges (UB 1-5). Each design will have several aspheric toric cylinder sizes as well. Your selected cylinder sizes will be available from our inventory for immediate shipment, allowing you to keep working inventories of all cylinder sizes for just-in-time manufacturing to better serve the fastest growing segment of the IOL Market: premium Toric and Toric Multifocal lenses.