Universal Toric Blank – Lens Optics With Higher Resolving Power (MTF)
Benz Performance Optics provide complete high quality optical forms (asphericity, toricity, and others) to the posterior optic surface of the Universal Blank. Each blank is 100% inspected enabling IOL manufacturers to machine the anterior lens surface and haptic to their optical specification to complete their unique IOL optical system.

Both of our HF-2 and IOL 25 materials will be available in the Universal Blank design with five aspheric power ranges (UB 1-5). Each design will have several aspheric toric cylinder sizes as well. Your selected cylinder sizes will be available from our inventory for immediate shipment, allowing you to keep working inventories of all cylinder sizes for just-in-time manufacturing to better serve the fastest growing segment of the IOL Market: premium Toric and Toric Multifocal lenses.