Natural Yellow – Natural UV Protection
Benz Research and Development is the first and only company to incorporate the same UVA/violet light absorbing chromophore found in every human crystalline lens into its IOL materials. Our approach toprotecting the retina from harmful energetic light is to use nature's own chromophore.

The absorption spectrum of 3-Hydroxykynurenine shows that the natural compound is an excellent UV-A absorber with a secondary purpose of filtering violet light. This compound and its beta Glucoside derivative are the primary protection for UV-A and violet light in the natural lens. We have made a special monomer (U.S. Patent 7,947,796) containing this naturally occurring chromophore and covalently incorporated it into our premier IOL materials.

Natural Yellow™ provides superior performance by protecting the retina without absorbing needed blue light. This natural chromophore gives the patient natural color perception and low light contrast sensitivity forimproved scotopic vision.