IOL25 – MICS Compatible Hydrophilic Acrylic
IOL 25 is a patented hydrophilic acrylic polymer, particularly well suited for micro injection. In fact, IOL 25 based lenses were the first to achieve widespread MICS compatibility. The raw material monomers used to produce IOL 25 are also produced by Benz Research and Development using a unique process that produces ultra pure monomer. Benz maintains complete control of its IOL material quality by producing its own monomers to its own ultra pure specifications. Raw material purity is essential for long term reliability of hydrophilic IOL materials. Polymer purity, consistency and reliability, these are the characteristics of Benz IOL Materials.

IOL 25 is available in Natural Yellow™, and clear UVX™. Natural Yellow™ is our patented natural UV-A absorbing and violet light filtering chromophore covalently bonded to the polymer backbone. UVX™ is our Extreme Stability clear UV absorber (patent pending) that provides excellent UV-A protection.