HF-2 – The Next Generation Hydrophobic IOL Material
HF-2 is a unique, moderately high refractive index hydrophobic acrylic polymer with many advantageous characteristics. A moderately high refractive index (1.515) combined with unique mechanical properties give HF-2 lenses a MICS capability across the entire diopter range. Chromatic aberration is also superior to other hydrophobic materials because HF-2 has an Abbe number of 47, the same as the human crystalline lens.HF-2 Natural Yellow gives the patient the same color transmission as a young human lens, therefore no color perception surprises after surgery. HF-2 lenses are convenient to use as well, because they do not need to be packed in water to achieve their extremely low glistening values. The convenience of a dry preloaded lens is yours with HF-2 material. The opening time of HF-2 at 25˚C is less than 10 seconds, allowing for fast and efficient surgeries. HF-2 is the next generation of hydrophobic IOL material.

HF-2 is available in Natural Yellow™ and UVX™ clear. UV Natural Yellow™ is our patented natural UV absorbing and violet light filtering chromophore covalently bonded to the polymer backbone. UVX™ is our Extreme Stability UV absorber (patent pending) that provides excellent UV-A protection in a clear IOL.