Ultra Pure IOL Materials
IOL 25 ● Universal Toric Blank ● Natural Yellow ● HF-2
Purpose Built Modern Construction
32,000 square foot manufacturing and research facility
ILM-2 for Contact Lenses
Integrated Lens Manufacturing is a proprietary product developed and sold under license agreement by Benz
25,000 Watt Solar Panel Array
Benz Research & Development Facility
IOL 25 Universal Blank
Manufacturing Platform
IOL 25 Universal Blank
High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power System designed and built by Benz
Total thermal dynamic efficiency, 70%
Optical Blocking and NIMO MTF Inspection
Provides both superior precision and quality to a high volume manufacturing platform, the IOL 25 Universal Blank
State-of-the-Art Polymer and R&D Laboratory
At Benz
L-3 Monomer Plant
At Benz